Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amaya in Daddy's hat

Hannah and Amaya at Deanna Rose

Tired after a long day

Sorry it's been so long, we have been keeping very busy. I had my wisdom teeth out two weeks ago and then had some family visiting this week. It felt good to be back to normal today.

Amaya and I went with my friend Bobbi and her girls to Deanna Rose Farmstead this past Monday. It was a very hot day but Amaya did very well, she loved seeing all of the animals! She called most of the animals "Bo" because that is our dogs name.

Amaya loves to sing. The other day I left the monitor on while she was "supposed" to be sleeping and heard her singing the entire time. I thought you all might enjoy this video of Amaya singing to her backyardigan, Tyrone:).

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Heather Pratt said...

That video is so stinking cute :)