Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 Month Appointment

Here are the Stats...

weight: 11 lbs 2.5 oz.- 50%
height: 24 inches- 75%
HC: 15 1/2- 50%

Here are Amaya's 2 month stats
Weight: 10lbs 3 oz - 35%
Height: 22 3/4 inches- 65%
HC: 15 1/4 inches- 50%

I can't believe how different they are in weight and height. I guess they won't be sharing all of their clothes after all.

The appointment went great. Selah was very calm and Amaya was such a good girl! I didn't think that taking both girls would be so easy, what a pleasant surprise. Selah is growing fast and the doctor even suggested that I give her rice cereal in her bottle twice a day! She is also very spitty and will need to take medicine for that just like her big sister did.

Waiting for shots :(

Sitting so quietly while Selah got examined

Amaya and Selah's tummy time:)

And here are some pictures from this past weekend...
Amaya doing the Hula at Grandma Freed's

I think she's just gorgeous!

Wearing Amaya's sunglasses

Me and my baby girl

She's getting so big!


Jason and Melissa said...

Selah's wild hair just kills me! It is so cute. And yes, you are right...Amaya is a gorgeous little girl! You and Jeremiah make cute keds. :)

Marie said...

You're right! I forgot that we met there. See now I feel lots better. :)