Sunday, August 16, 2009

Amaya in the "castle" at the princess party

Daddy and Amaya

Mommy and Selah

Princess Amaya

Princess Selah

Selah just started going to bed at 8pm, so now both kids are in bed by 8:30! She is also eating cereal twice a day and loves it. She has such a sweet personality, always laughing and smiling. She is a real joy to be around. I'm really starting to get used to being a mom of two and I love it. Sure there are really hard days but over all it's good. I feel so blessed to have two beautiful, and healthy girls.

Amaya is getting so big. She went to her first princess birthday party this weekend. She had fun putting on makeup and glitter, painting her nails, and playing with other little princesses! I had a great time watching her, she is so much fun!

Our next adventure will be our trip to NYC for Melissa's graduation. We are being very brave and driving the entire 20 hour trip with both girls! We are leaving on Tuesday and taking our time getting rushing. Please say a prayer for us.


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